Shaped Windows
Arched Frames We can adapt uPVC Profile to meet virtually any installation. Arched head windows are now readily available. Create a unique feature for your home, by adding an arch to your window or door. Angled Frames As with arched frames angles can be constructed to all possible angle requirements. Why not add something a little different to your home with the clean lines of a uPVC angle. Portholes Portholes can bring a wonderful geometric style to your home or building. We provide perfectly formed portholes in both fixed panes and opening. If you are interested in something unique in uPVC geometrics why not contact us for advice and recommendations. Archi-form An Archi-form is a decorative, moulded arch that is inserted to the top of window to create an arched effect window. NOTE* Archi-form maximum width of a glass pane is 570mm
You can choose from many window styles such as: moon, half moon, oval, and much more. Speciality shaped windows are known for their dramatic accents or and unique eye-catching style. These windows work well on their own or can be coupled with a traditional window to further the appearance of your existing window opening.
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